Moving Squares: a d3.js experiment

Although d3.js is intended to visualise data (d3 stands for Data Driven Documents), it can also be used to render interesting visual effects when you decide to generate your own data. I was looking for a way to add something visual to the layout of this website, and decided to try something I had been thinking about for a while now: using d3.js to build patterns by repeating geometric shapes.


In the end I thought the result is too busy and distracting to have running in the page constantly. I do like the it looks and how it animates, so I decided to add it as a part of my portfolio. The animating result can be viewed at

4 thoughts on Moving Squares: a d3.js experiment

  1. With the help of javascript charts,HTML5 charts, and charting library it is possible to implement it.But is it possible to add it in our website? Please reply the same….

  2. @Koolchart: I’m not exactly sure what your question is. What do you want to know?